Stations and Networks Solution


Station and network service solutions built for your needs

Customized Solution

On The Spot Media provides a fully customized solution based on the feedback of over 100 traffic managers, engineers and sales operation teams across North America. OTSM's station & network team provides 1st class service by customizing our Service Dashboard to meet the unique requirements of your stations and network, with continual optimization.

Built For Your Needs

Station Service Dashboard is fully customizable to integrate your entire network of stations, providing your traffic team centralized access to the relevant information needed to operate at full efficiency with real-time reporting. The full-scale solution comes at zero cost to you!

Strategic Partner Network

The OTSM dedicated station network team understands client needs and the importance of working within their current workflows. The team utilizes both an internal solution, EZSpot, as well as third-party technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Aspera, Signiant and more.

EZSpot Client Downloader

Our EZSpot Client Downloader was built after receiving feedback for over 2 years from network engineers and was designed specifically with workflow optimization in mind. It is built as a hands-off automated download solution and is also remotely monitored 24/7 by our dedicated station and network solution. We have deployed over one thousand instances, while achieving 99.9% uptime.

Benefits of OTSM Station Dashboard

  • Always Online
  • Customized Delivery Solutions
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • File Requirement Matching
  • End-to-End Solution Builds
  • Customization to Unique Workflows
  • Communication with Traffic Team
  • Personalized Access
  • Role Restrictions
  • Hub Integration

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