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About Us

On The Spot Media, a premier distributor of advertising content, delivers advertising video, radio, print and long-form digital content across North America. Rather than just another technology company, we’re a services company that leverages state-of-the-art, web-based solutions to simplify our clients’ media delivery process.  We realize advertisers have many choices, and that we‘re not the biggest firm in this business. That means we value your business even more, give you great pricing and support, and work hard every day to earn and keep your business.  

At On The Spot Media, you don’t have to be a huge company to get the best pricing and support. With our Pure Digital Pricing -- no cut off times, no surcharges -- 24/7 support and NEVER VOICEMAIL, you get the best value AND the best service in the industry. Many of our clients were surprised to learn how much money they could save!  

The brands and agencies that come to us typically care deeply about personalized service, are highly price sensitive, and want to have a voice.  We offer a cross-media, unified distribution solution for video, radio and print, all managed through one simple dashboard and supported by a dedicated support team.  

While our national, network advertisers love us–either as their primary or secondary digital advertising delivery firm–we’re particularly suited to service advertisers with lots of complex, local delivery requirements, direct response marketers, those with primarily a regional focus, or any advertiser or agency seeking more personalized service.


Reasons To Like Us


You Are Our Sole Focus

We’re a home-grown business, beholden to no one but you, our clients. No outside investors. No public market pressures. No uncomfortable mergers. Our mission is clear.

Pure Digital Pricing

Stop paying after-hours premiums. With On The Spot Media there are no rush fees, no after-hours premiums, no cut off times.  Standard online delivery is 4 hrs—whether it’s 2pm or 2am. Check what you paid last year in after-hours premiums. Now put your wallet away.

Living, Breathing Support

State-of-the art media distribution technology provides a terrific foundation. But when you’re in a jam, you want a responsible, knowledgeable person to call. You’ll never get voicemail when you call us needing assistance. Ever. We’re here. 24/7.

Just What You Need

We don’t offer an expansive portfolio of services you don’t need. We provide media distribution and supporting services. Period. Everything is done within our own network on our own platform. It’s all we do, we’ve been doing it for decades, and we’re really good at it. Kind’a makes sense, doesn’t it?

Unsurpassed Quality

You took a lot of time perfecting your spot. With On the Spot Media’s precise CYBORG|QC (part human/part machine) quality control, numerous quality gates throughout the delivery process ensure that your spot airs with original quality. No deterioration, no file degradation.

The Geek Factor

On The Spot Media’s digital delivery technology is state-of-the art, reaching any online destination in North America. We’ve recently invested heavily in 4K capabilities and we do it all in-house. O.K. Truth is we’re techies and some of us have pocket protectors. Please don’t judge us!


Digital Advertising Distribution - Upload, Order, Manage, Track


Network, Cable and Local TV Spots


Radio Spots


Web Advertising


Print Advertising

On The Spot Media is one of only a handful of firms that allows you to manage your full advertising portfolio—video, radio, web, print—through a single dashboard, our remarkable OTSM Suite. This provides us, and you, full transparency and control across the entire process. We’re known in the industry for the quality of our support and the helpfulness of our exceptionally friendly and experienced team.

Pure Digital Pricing
On The Spot Media is the originator of pure digital pricing, with no after-hours premiums, no surcharges, no cut-off times. We’ve let go of those unnecessary fees held over from the days of tape and other physical media. You should, too! We could save you a lot of money.  Learn more about Pure Digital Pricing.

Longform Digital Content Distribution

It’s taken the industry quite a while for web-based longform digital distribution to catch up with digital spot distribution. Now it’s becoming the industry norm. If you create, manage, or distribute longform content, you should be distributing it with On The Spot Media.

Online distribution of your longform content ensures it gets where its going, provides full transparency into the process, is MUCH less expensive than physical delivery, and preserves the quality of your media. You can view and manage the entire process from our OTSM Suite.

Easy. Fast. Inexpensive .....are there any better reasons?

Duplication and Production Services

On The Spot Media offers a comprehensive suite of duplication and production services. We’ve invested heavily in a state-of-the-art HD editing capabilities and can offer pretty much any production service you require in-house.

  • Attribution Analytics and Verification
  • VAST
  • Descriptive Video
  • PSA Distribution
  • Tape to Tape, Tape to File, Media Compression
  • Transcoding
  • Standards Conversion
  • Tagging, Versioning, and Local/DR Customization
  • Closed-Captioning Creation
  • Broadcast Verification: Teletrax, BVS, SpoTTrac
  • Voiceover
  • Media Consulting/Project Management

AirPlay Verification

On The Spot Media now offers, through an exclusive partnership with industry leader Millenia 3, Airplay Verification services. Leveraging an industry-leading Digital Watermarking technology and proprietary Airplay Verification process, details of your commercial, such as where and when it aired, can be instantly recorded. Learn more about Airplay Verification services.


Spots Delivered During Past Year


Online Destinations


Our EZSpot Ad Delivery platform is proprietary and state-of-the art. It was purpose built to provide fast, very high quality distribution of digital HD and SD media to any web enabled destination in North America.

We were pioneers helping the industry move from tape to digital, and we’ve taken the best of all we’ve learned delivering next generation technology solutions.

Unlike many other ad distribution firms, On The Spot Media uses our own network to get spots to their destination. We’re not a patchwork of multiple providers, cobbled together to create a solution. Since every part of the process is managed in-house—from ingestion, to QC, to transcoding, to transmission and delivery, we have full transparency and control over the entire process.

And our remarkable CYBORG/QC—part human, part machine—quality control gates ensure perfect spot quality, every time.


For Broadcasters

We make life just a little easier for Broadcasters. On The Spot Media can customize and deliver pretty much any file format and technical spec you may require. Our software can be set up to automatically download spots during off peak hours to better manage bandwidth, and is built to work with most of the popular station automation systems like Telestream’s Flip Factory, Harris Al, etc.

Our software can run on almost any Windows-based computer with Internet access. Many stations choose to run it on a computer that is already supporting other applications, since it can be set to download at off hours. Unlike other systems out there, ours does not require a human operator in order to ingest the spot for air – we do all of the work for you, even when other applications are in use.


EZTraffic is our smart and easy way for stations to manage both Media and Traffic Instructions. By using our simple web-interface, broadcasters can access Traffic Instructions within minutes of the order being placed and keep them accessible for up to six months. EZTraffic eliminates the need for stations to call and ask to have Instructions resent. Accidentally purged your spot? No worries, just simply log on and click the resend button. Your spot will be digitally sent to your server immediately – with no charge to your station or the client.

EZTraffic also allows stations to track the delivery status of incoming spots, whether they’re arriving electronically or via tape.

And the best news of all, our technology is fully supported 24×7 by experienced technicians. You’ll never get voicemail when you call On The Spot Media for help. Ever.

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