Cyborg | QC Quality Control

Want to ensure the best video quality?
Here's a few tips

Cyborg QC Cyborg Quick-Tip Cyborg Note
Closed Captions Is the very first caption text Paint On? The First caption to appear on screen for every spot should always be set to Paint-On (Not Pop-Up)
Does your HD video file have 708 Captions? HD video should have BOTH 608 and 708 captioning
Leader-Slate Does your spot have a Slate? Every Advertisement must have a Slate preceding the creative
Does the ISCI code end with an H (HD Spots)? The ISCI code for all HD Advertisements MUST end with the character "H"
Title-Safety Is your HD spot CCP (Center-Cut Protected)? Many broadcasters require HD video to be Center-Cut Protected
Is your SD spot Title Safe? Ensure that graphics, logos & titles are positioned within 90% of video frame avoiding edge boundaries
Legal Disclaimers Are your Legal Disclaimers legible? Can you read legal disclaimer text on your video? Will it pass Clearance when delivered to the Broadcaster?
File Name Does the File Name match the ISCI-Code? The file name for each video MUST match the advertisements ISCI-Code
Frame Rate Is your Video 29.97 Frames Per Second? All advertisements delivered to Traditional Broadcasters MUST be in NTSC 29.97 Frames Per Second (FPS)
Audio Mix Is the stereo mix stereoscopic (NOT Mono)? Ensure all Stereo Mixes do not contain phase problems and are NOT Mono.

Quality and Client Approval

Prior to distribution, we notify our customers to the overall quality or their video content. Any issues discovered during the QC of your video assets will be sent in an email notification. We will hold media assets from being delivered to the final destination to give our clients the chance to either approve or correct any issues.


There are some instances where the above criteria can be pre-approved to expedite the distribution.

Optional Production Services

Closed Caption & Subtitling
Slate Creation
EV Encoding
4C Insights Teletrax (Civolution)
Kantar Media BVS (Veil)
New Media Services
ABR Encoding
Formatting for Online Platforms
Video Streaming