On The Spot (Media) has partnered with VXCHNGE, the next-generation data center provider and colocation expert, to strengthen its commitment to protecting OTSM's client data, while reinforcing the company's operational output, the first alliance of its kind in the industry. The collaboration was recently effectuated when OTSM made the decision to relocate its operations division to VXCHNGE's NJ01 high-security facility in Secaucus, NJ.

According to Joseph DeRosa, Senior Vice President of OTSM, the two companies have enjoyed a long-standing synergistic relationship, but this new partnership solidifies OTSM's new level of operational excellence dedicated to data security, speed and technology redundancy. According to DeRosa, "VXCHNGE checked all the boxes... we have very specific requirements to ensure our operation is functioning at peak efficiency and VXCHNGE met them all. Their customer service, security and redundancy, is second to none."

The benefits don't end there. OTSM's new networking hub allows their operations team 24x7x365 accessibility through VXCHNGE's in\site business intelligence software. It's so intuitive it allows OTSM's team to remotely access and control its data content deployment from anywhere in the world, on any platform. This fully transparent access into the data center, where OTSM uploads its broadcasters and advertisers content, means the team can make key infrastructure and delivery decisions at any moment's notice. DeRosa agrees "... VXCHNGE's technology gives us safer connectivity with complete power redundancy. This, coupled with our proprietary digital delivery system, guarantees our clients receive the most comprehensive services in the industry."

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