Joseph DeRosa, Senior Vice President, Operations,

brings more than 37 years of experience in the broadcast production, syndication, and post-production industries.  His primary focus is on developing comprehensive, individualized strategic plans, with an emphasis on technology platform integration, analytics and verification, media throughput, and sustained partnerships. He oversees the operations and technology divisions, and specializes in building relationships among clients and broadcasters, recognizing the symbiotic and invaluable connection between them.

Before joining OTSM, Joe formed a broadcast production company centered on comedic projects. Earlier, he served as vice president of operations for DG Systems, responsible for building technology networks among media companies and managing the industry’s transition to the digital delivery platform, used universally today.  Joe began his career as founder and vice president of operations at PDR Productions, Inc., a broadcast production and distribution company.

Joe lives with his wife and kids on Long Island, although he would prefer to “commute” from any Caribbean Island.  He is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology with a degree in Film Production and Communications.  When he’s not at OTSM, you will find him reading the latest issue of WIRED, and boating along the North Shore, leaning his “Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right”.

Joe DeRosa,