Amy Alfonzo is an industry veteran bringing more than 15 years of experience delivering world class production services. In this role, Amy supervises all post production sessions, while managing schedules and resources to meet the targets of each client. A consummate project manager, Amy schedules, supervises and accounts for all final deliverables, technical processes and post production costs of each project.

A bilingual multi-tasker and born problem solver, Amy has often been told throughout the years by her clients that it’s her “can do spirit” that gives them the confidence to turn their projects over to her care. She NEVER lets them down.

Prior to coming to OTSM, Amy spent more than a decade at IDC, a production services company, as post production supervisor and product manager.

Earlier in her career, Amy worked as a post-production supervisor and associate producer for a variety of television projects, including Road Trip with G. Garvin for the Cooking Channel, Save My Son for TV One, and Bethany Frankel Sizzle for Frangelico.

Amy loves spending Sunday afternoons cooking, watching (and praying for) the METS, and listening to her Andrea Bocelli CDs, much to the consternation of her husband of 20 years.

Amy Alfonzo