OTSM SyndiNet: The Network for the Future of Syndication

September 14, 2023|Updates |By Conner Krizancic

With a legacy of innovation & quality as a leader in the advertising delivery industry, On The Spot Media (OTSM) continues to lead the market with advertising technologies that provide unprecedented speed, new levels of security and the capacity to now fulfill a full day of syndicated programming in minutes, not days!

OTSM is proud to announce the launch of OTSM SyndiNet, the most innovative solution for syndicated programing and longform content distribution; leveraging time-saving and cost-effective IP for the integration of national & local spots for distribution of customized, integrated shows. OTSM SyndiNet is the world-class solution for any rights holder as well as stations & networks as it offers a more dependable, faster and on-demand customizable file formatting for the most efficient Syndication delivery solution in the media industry. Continuing to enhance leading-class user interfaces and order entry systems, OTSM has now expanded their offering of core services. OTSM SyndiNet not only services syndicated programming, it also is poised to service long-form advertising sectors including Financial Advising, Real Estate, Medical, Home Security and Faith-based programming. OTSM SyndiNet workflow efficiencies include closed captioning, the integration of national & local ad integrations as well as broadcast verification, all distributed via IP/TCP systems.

No more waiting for rigid Satellite timing or working with lagged reporting, and no more manual executions within unsecure systems. On The Spot Media has always led with ‘Customer Services & Secure Technology’, with OTSM SyndiNet being the latest example of OTSM’s innovative, secure & quality solutions for the media & advertising industry that always needs to stay ahead of the consumer demand.

“The value enhancement for Syndication is impressive alone, now allowing the numerous iterations to each be compiled into 30-minute deliverable files ready for air” said OTSM Sr. Director of Network Operations & Digital Strategies, Brad Nolan.

Even in the early phases as OTSM SyndiNet’s downloader has begun to be installed and implemented in all stations and networks across the country, early feedback is positive and bullish for the future of OTSM and the SyndiNet solution to be the leading technology for longform, paid programming and infomercials alike. 

Ensure your team has the highest quality content delivery solutions by contacting On The Spot Media today. For more information about On The Spot Media services including OTSM SyndiNet please email info@onthespotmedia.com or call 1 (855) 855-OTSM to schedule a demo of the AdTech platform.