OTSM+: Centralizing Advertising Distribution & Expanding Audience Reach across AVOD, FAST, OTT, Social Media & Website platforms

September 14, 2023|Updates |By Conner Krizancic

With over 16 years of quality service in advertising distribution, OTSM has enabled agencies and brands with the technology to reach their audiences from billboards, magazines, radio, television and now the full suite of digital destinations.

OTSM+ maximizes your media buying power by providing exclusive access to new audiences without additional digital licensing fees; expanding connectivity and reach for more powerful and productive media.  Aligning your post-production, distribution and reporting workflows, OTSM+ optimizes your operation for cost savings and more available media budget. With all of OTSM’s historical data along with the latest targeting tools, OTSM+ can also supplement your linear distribution with a digital buying strategy to reach your ideal target within new key platforms. Finally, by being connected to more screens your brand can reach your audience where they will be able to engage your brand most effectively.

OTSM+ expands your media value by being connected to over 37 SSP with multiple DSP integrations that maximize buying flexibility. Supply Path Optimization (SPO) is the simplifying of Post-Production workflows which optimizes your media’s performance. With OTSM+ access multiple 3rd party datasets, we can help your brand target audiences by geography, demographics, device, daypart and frequency to name just a few.

OTSM’s prioritization of Quality Control is  at the heart of the new OTSM+ by providing single-file delivery to platforms with consistent high-quality files. OTSM+ also executes VAST tagging & transcoding, ensuring platform conformance by eliminating the 4:3 stretch to ensure broadcast quality delivery. Daily & automated reporting continues to be at the heart of the OTSM service model, so expect our full support to continue, just with new tools and techniques to help your brand reach its customers, at every media destination.

OTSM+ is excited to be the leading distribution solution for advertiser and agencies, servicing media orders across linear and digital properties. Please contact us today to learn how your brand and agency can expand audience reach while optimizing your distribution workflows & budgets.