OTSM Cost Savings Calculator: What would you do with an extra $240k Media Budget?

September 14, 2023|Updates |By Conner Krizancic

Have you ever wondered how much of your media budget is going to pay just for distribution? Or how much you could save with an extra 15% savings? So, what would you do with an extra $240,000 in your media budget?

On The Spot Media has always prioritized customer service in the ever-changing advertising industry, led by predictable pricing that never charges for rushes or last-minute orders. OTSM’s predictable pricing is there to ensure that every advertiser and brand knows exactly how much they are paying for each spot, post-production workorder and delivery. With OTSM’s Cost Savings Calculator you can see exactly how much you could save each month and over the entire year. We are eager to help you review all the opportunities to save, improve efficiencies and optimize workflows for more effective advertising operations to drive your business forward.

Based on how your agency or brand decides to allocate budgets and given the formats of creatives you want to reach various target markets, we wanted to provide two tools for your budget review.

Cost Savings by Media Budget and Creative Volume

$ 1,344,000

Spot CPM equals the average number of deliveries that need to be executed for every $1,000 spend on media buying
$ 35

$ 112,000



With this calculator you can see how massive your annual cost savings can be when you understand just how much your are paying for each iteration and destination for all your deliveries. Do you know how many customizations you will need? If so, we can help get exact with our savings, providing predictable pricing so you never waste media budget on overpaying for distribution every again!

So, exactly how much will OTSM save your brand by streamlining post-production & distribution, reaching all your destinations with centralized tracking & reporting?

Cost Savings by Media Budget and Spot Rate

$ 60,000.00

$ 20

$ 5,000.00

Potential Savings with OTSM of 20%

OTSM understands and is proud to be the partner who leading agencies & brands trust to execute distribution for their entire suit of advertising demands, from radio to print, broadcast to digital, traditional spots to longform syndication. If you are simply paying to much for delivery, find out today exactly how much OTSM can save your brand’s media budget.

How much would a 20% reduction in spot distribution save your media budget? How much more media could you buy? How many more customers could you reach?

As an independent organization, OTSM is proud to provide transparency and consistency on behalf of its customers. Our team is eager to discuss your budgets, savings and how OTSM can be your cost-effective partner for distributing media to any destination. Please contact our Customer Service team today for a complimentary consultation and customized distribution plan for the future of media!