How the Olympics are using AdTech to Bounce-back with the Biggest & Brightest Games Ever

June 10, 2021|Updates |By Geoff Kowalski

The Olympics will be bigger, better, brighter and bolder than ever before, at least in your family room and on your device of choice! With the Summer Olympics set to return after an unprecedented postponement, so too are the broadcasts, commercials and other media activations that happen once (typically…) every other year when the Olympic Games air across the globe. The IOC, advertisers and other Olympic stakeholders were susceptible to the same market forces that impacted the global media market in 2020. So, with great excitement, yet minimal attendance, how could these games be bigger and better than ever before?


Here are three key reasons:


1)     Advertisers and Brands are eager to engage targeted audiences, across new platforms


The streaming boom in 2020 was undisputed, led by the launch of CTV apps Disney+ and NBC’s Peacock accompanied by the adoption of 5G and demand for 4K quality. These advancements have complimented and compounded each other by activating on 6”, 16” and 60”+ screens in your hand, on our lap and on your wall. On The Spot Media has championed the use of Internet Protocols vs. Satellites to transmit media files for years, which is now the industry standard. Working with broadcasters such as NBC Universal, the industry leading AdTech provider is ensuring that advertisers and brands not only have the quality control to ensure their commercial looks and sounds its best, but also has the customized transcoding, ingestion and delivery to reach the right viewer, on the right device, without fail.


Programmatic Agencies that are buying media to reach curated audiences will require OTSM’s global access and comprehensive file conversion. The AVOD streaming platforms and CTV providers that are harnessing these unparalleled peaks in concentrated viewership will need consistent file quality delivery through a single stream. OTSM’s OnConnect software is the leading solution trusted by Agencies for the past 15 years to deliver their ads to NBC and every other leading broadcaster, and that will continue with the 2021 Olympic Games. 


2)    The IOC needs Advertising to flourish if they plan to ‘recover’ from the postponement


According to the IOC’s Olympic Marketing 2020 Fact File, Broadcasting rights accounted for 73% of the IOC revenues from 2013-2016. In 2018, the IOC contributed $887m in support of the PyeongChang Winter Games. This reflected a 7.6% increase in IOC revenues from 2009-2012 to 2013-2016 for a total of revenue base of $5.7bn for that Olympiad. With the restricted number of fans allowed to attend from foreign countries, the IOC will need to uber-service its brand partners to ensure these budgets get spent and fulfilled within their goals.


The Olympic Broadcast provides worldwide coverage since the Sydney 2000 Summer Games and the Turin 2006 Winter Games fueled by their broadcaster partnerships. These partnerships, and the media activations that result, are the primary focus for the IOC to “ensure long-term financial security of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Games, and to maximize exposure across all available media platforms and exploit the latest media technologies.” OTSM is proud to be a partner with ad agencies across North America as well as NBC Universal, ensuring these advertising budgets are fulfilled not only for the TOP IX category exclusive partners, but for all those brands looking to reach targeted fans of the various Olympic sports.


3)    AdTech like 5G, 4K and IP is faster and stronger, and in high demand


When workers, students and families all stayed home over the past year, they may have continued to ‘cut the cord’ of cable, but all other indications show that the screens on family room walls have only become bigger, more commonly have 4K capabilities and have new CTV apps available each month. Rule 48 of the Olympic Charter states “the IOC takes all necessary steps in order to ensure the fullest coverage by the different media and the widest possible audience in the world for the Olympic Games.”


If trends continue, we will see similar viewership numbers for those watching the Olympics via television broadcast but should experience incredible growth in the accessing of content via digital platforms. The IOC reported an increase from 1.9m videos viewed for the 2012 London Games to 4.4m videos viewed for the 2016 Rio Games. There was also an 8.6% increase in digital platform rights-holding broadcasters, and that number is expected to increase even more with phones using 5G and TVs capable of 4K. These proliferated points of distribution and access are expected to elevate the broadcasting revenues above its 2016 levels of $2.868bn. On The Spot Media’s suite of solutions will be counted on like never before. OnSuite will ensure that advertisers and agencies can access instructions, reporting and tracking. OnProduction is the trusted solution set for any traditional broadcast advertising requirements including VAST tagging, Watermark Encoding and Broadcast Verification.


Finally, staying ahead of the latest technology capabilities and the needs of advertisers, OTSM’s OnConnect offers those CTV destinations and Olympic OTT providers the ability to streamline distribution and reception of files that will simplify workflows and save time and money.


OTSM has always been a trust partner of those capitalizing on the special opportunity that is the Olympic Games. With the growing viewership base, the need to adopt the latest technologies and the critical year to retain advertising budgets, OTSM is prepared to provide the customized solution sets for any advertiser or agency. As one trusted Olympic broadcaster attested, "OTSM’s OnConnect is exactly the solution my network of stations has been looking to implement, ensuring everything is streamlined and consistent with our needs for distribution.”


OTSM wishes all the athletes, broadcasters and everyone participating and covering the games a safe and successful games! To learn more about On The Spot Media and their full offering of AdTech solutions please contact for more information and begin customizing your AdTech workflow, saving your team time & money.