Streamlining Your Media Distribution for Maximum Efficiency and ROI

November 05, 2023|Updates |By Conner Krizancic

The ever-evolving media ecosystem, consisting of Linear, OTT, Programmatic, and various digital properties, can be overwhelming to manage. Keeping up with different formats and delivery points while striving to meet tight deadlines is no small feat. However, with the right strategies and tools in place, agencies can ensure that their media reaches every screen, in the proper format, and on time. One solution is to partner with OTSM and our comprehensive approach to media distribution. In this blog, we will explore the key questions agencies should ask to prepare for a strong year ahead and how OTSM can help streamline their media distribution workflows.

Customized Vendor Solutions

Are your vendor solutions customized to your workflows?

In a world filled with numerous platforms and channels, it's essential for distribution workflows to be tailored to an agency's specific needs. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it anymore. Agencies should look for dashboards and reporting tools that can be customized to their exact delivery requirements. This customization streamlines the management of creative distribution across linear and digital platforms, making it user-friendly and efficient. Real-time, accurate information accessible through a centralized interface empowers teams to operate with maximum productivity. By ensuring that your distribution solutions are tailored to your workflows, you can stay ahead of the game and meet your clients' demands with ease.

Service, Security, and Transparency

Do you have 1st class Service, Security & Transparency?

In an age where data is more valuable than ever, security and transparency are paramount concerns. It's crucial to know who has access to your reporting and data. A customized interface should come equipped with user permission levels that allow for quality control and secure workflows. Cloud-based services provide an extra layer of security, protecting your proprietary intelligence from server attacks and ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge. Transparency in your distribution processes also builds trust with clients and partners, fostering better collaboration and long-term relationships.

Embracing CTV & Digital

Are you ready to champion CTV & Digital as part of your media mix?

The media landscape is constantly evolving, and agencies need to adapt to stay relevant. Comprehensive distribution is essential, ensuring that your media reaches its intended destination with precision and timeliness. To keep up with the pace of change, it's crucial to align your adtech and content distribution with the latest trends. Being online with every streamer and publisher in the market is a must, and being prepared to capitalize on 5G efficiencies through IP/TCP distribution is a smart move. Your media mix may change from week to week, so having centralized interfaces that provide reliable tagging, instructions, and reporting is key to maintaining consistency and efficiency.

Cost-Effective Linear Distribution

Paying too much for Linear Distribution?

While Linear Distribution can offer the largest reach, it doesn't have to come at a premium cost. Managing your entire distribution with the right vendor can provide you with a clear understanding of your budgets and their impact. It's essential to align with an agency that prioritizes customer service and offers solutions that allow you to evolve with new platforms while capitalizing on the best opportunities in media. By optimizing your distribution processes, you can ensure that your media budgets are used efficiently and effectively, delivering maximum ROI.

Partner With OTSM to Save Money & Streamline Processes

In conclusion, agencies face the ongoing challenge of managing media distribution across a wide range of platforms and channels. By asking the right questions and implementing solutions like OTSM, agencies can streamline their workflows, enhance security and transparency, embrace emerging trends like CTV and digital, and optimize their budgets for cost-effective Linear Distribution. With the right approach, agencies can not only meet their clients' demands but also thrive in the ever-evolving media landscape. Stay ahead of the curve and make 2023 a year of efficient and successful media distribution.