Best Practices in AdTech: Disruption to Innovation

August 09, 2021|Updates |By Geoff Kowalski

While 2021 might not be known as the year of growth, it could easily be labeled as one when things returned to levels of consumption or television, video and other content expanded to new heights. As a result, one of the industries most impacted by consumers staying at home watching their large televisions, tablets and phones was the media industry, and specifically the adverting sector.  While the stock market took a hit and consumers concerns over employment and income were sincere, the consumption of content soared but the budgets of advertisers did not!

As media in all forms continues to bounce back and even thrive with continual innovations, there are several pillars of advertising that remain and can never be forgotten, or the under appreciation will have real costs to your brand and business. Here are a few of the most critical elements for your advertising to thrive …

  • Client Service that stays knowledgeable of Innovation

As technologies change, so too will workflows, communications and thus new questions and potential learning inefficiencies. On The Spot Media has been built on a culture of personable customer service, that stops at nothing to deliver what the client needs. From delivering films on bicycles uptown in Manhattan, to developing new IP/TCP processes for data transfers preserving 4K quality of creatives. The OTSM Client Support team is always prepared with the information and resources our partners need to be successful with their advertising deliveries across platforms and networks. Partners with a customized suite of technologies that provide real-time reporting of traffic deliveries and post-production executions, you will have a dedicated team supporting your team.

  • Easy Access to Technology and Platform

Accessibility and convenience win the day in media, and On The Spot Media knows this as OnSuite and OnProduction were built and designed with the agencies, brands and their counterpart networks and stations in mind. Designed and built as the most efficient AdTech platform in the market, OTSM has the information, accurate and available to all our partners in Ad Ops, Traffic Management and Media Buying[DO1] . Having immediate access to a centralized destination for your advertising traffic instructions and reporting is essential when managing multiple campaigns and OTSM is proud to provide both the technology and personal support for your advertising to arrive, thrive and grow your brand & budgets!

  • Adopt Systems designed for Growth & Scale

With disruption in the industry continuing with mergers and acquisitions that are certain to eliminate preferred systems, On The Spot Media is proud to remain independent and agile as the market demands. A company that was built for the needs of those agencies managing the biggest brands in advertising, OTSM continues to be ahead of the technology needed to deliver the highest quality spots, to the newest destinations across media.

As budgets rebound in 2021, will old workflows? Ensure you are leveraging the latest best practices, not wasting your budget, and contact the team at On The Spot Media today. Guarantee your brand and clients have1st class service & technology with one stop, On the Spot!