OTSM Political Ad Delivery: Service, Technology & Speed = Savings

June 07, 2022|Updates |By Geoff Kowalski

They are here, and more are coming! It’s political season again, the summer after your local & state primaries, and leading up to the mid-term elections this fall. With candidates polling positions and their budgets in constant movement, advertising distribution services need to be as consistent, and effective as possible for any candidate to win. While there is constant attention to campaign fundraising and media spending, less if not little is paid to the budgetary operations on the backend that could cost or save a campaign millions of dollars, and a victory in November. 

On The Spot Media proudly serves political campaigns on both sides of the aisle, from local district and city races to statewide and national campaigns. Here are the 3 Best Practices for saving your political campaign time & money while giving your candidate the best shot at victory.

1)    Service is King, Choose Wisely

Political advertising is unique in that almost every aspect from creative conception to last minute campaign message tweaks are done on the fly, and often in the middle of the night. When you throw in the speed at which candidate response ads need to air, you must have a reliable and steadfast ad delivery partner at your side to ensure your campaign ads are delivered to stations immediately and never sit idle in some delivery queue waiting to go out…


At On The Spot Media, we believe excellent customer service shouldn’t be elusive, it should be expected.  We’ve been delivering political ads for 16+ years over our wholly owned digital ad delivery platform, and our dedicated team of service professionals are available around the clock to help your campaign when needed, and when you call us, you get us – No Robots 24/7!


2)    Trusted Technology can make all the difference

As media continues to expand its reach to voters in new ways each political cycle, it is critical to ensure the team and technology you trust to reach all those destinations has a reputation for quality execution. If not, your campaign risks ad dollars, and more importantly, voters…


On The Spot Media has word-class, proprietary technology with 100% online station reach, that accurately delivers political ads to Linear Broadcast TV, OTT/CTV Streaming Channels, Social Media platforms or Digital Websites in minutes not hours, and we never hold your critical political ads in limbo in any delivery queue.


3)    Speed equals Savings, Savings equals More Campaign Ad Budget

If you’re still paying rush delivery fees, you’re paying too much!  A statewide campaign that sends out 40 spots to 40 stations over the course of a typical campaign season can spend upwards of $80K in additional rush delivery fees, and if you work on multiple statewide races these fees can easily top half a million dollars…


With On The Spot Media, you will never pay an additional rush fee to deliver your political ads to stations in minutes.  Just imagine what you can do with that extra money saved and applied back towards your campaign ad budget?

At On The Spot Media, our service and technology speak for itself.  We’re ready to provide quality service and ad delivery savings to any political campaign that needs to reach the most voters with their curated suite of ads; OTSM knows that your campaign is on the road to victory and able to provide its full suite of technology to ensure you reach your destination!