Happy for the Holidays in Media & Advertising

November 06, 2021|Updates |By Geoff Kowalski

Ready or not, the holidays are here! As the advertising and media industry continues to evolve to meet audiences at their various locations, so too have brands, agencies and tech vendors had to champion change and adapt to new demands at an accelerating pace. This holiday season will be met with fresh consumer excitement as we can gather again, while goods and retail have other concerns simply stocking the shelves. What will the impact be on holiday media? What will this mean for media planning and distribution? Do you have the partners to help manage these challenges?

Here are a few best practices as we prepare for a new and unique holiday season…

       Choose Partners that Maximize Media Traffic Budget & Efficiency

       Efficiency should mean high production at controlled costs, and in media distribution this means ensuring each and every creative can reach its specified destination with quality control, transparent reporting and customized delivery specifications. Make sure your brand or agency has access to a dashboard that provides all the instructions and reports your team needs to enable to most effective workflows to achieve your advertising goals.

       Find Savings: Storage, Formatting & QC

       With consumer indexes high but shelves already a bit bare, your cost-savings can make your 2021 holiday season profitable. Your brand and each of its creatives deserves a custom workflow for custom formatting while executing Quality Controls that will ensure your distribution never falters. Identifying the optimal distribution vendor that understands and empowers your media traffic mix will also provide long-term stability with archiving and storage costs, enabling your brand to be responsive and accessible for future demands.

       Be Active Across All Platforms (Linear & CTV)

       Consumers aren’t going anywhere, they are everywhere! Only when serviced to distribute media across all platforms will your brand be able to maximize the value of your media investment. From linear to digital, print to radio, longform to promotional, make sure your AdTech partner is one with trusted experience, proven innovation and 1st class customer service, that will empower your brand to reach all its destinations and consumers across new & existing media.

       Centralized Systems: Security & Service

       With new media traffic comes new threats. From underground serves to cloud-based solutions, your security & service should never come second. As you manage your various media investments and productions, your focus is on your team and brand, with your trust in the people and technology that make the distribution possible. Make sure you partner with vendors that provide human support to innovative technology, so you can stay on top of all the latest opportunities in advertising, without sacrificing your security.

       Be Prepared for Last Minute Orders, without extra Costs

       While we are confident, we are always prepared, and that will always be true in media. From last minute productions and customizations, to rush deliveries to stations and networks, understanding this is part of media is critical to being the best distribution partner for brand and agencies. Establishing a centralized, secure and customized dashboard to manage your entire media traffic mix should also come with the support and portals to handle the unexpected. No matter what time of day, no matter the media destination, your brand deserves a partner that will support your needs while not costing your more!

Image Source: Christmas TV Schedule