On The Spot Media Partners With Leader in Media Tech

March 25, 2021|Partnerships |By James Celentano

NEW YORK, March 16, 2020 – On The Spot Media (OTSM), a leading global media and advertising technology agency, has announced their partnership with the Caspian Hill Group (CHP) who just launched the Caspian Hill Marketplace, an innovative media tech platform that will unify stakeholders across the advertising & media industry. 

On The Spot Media (OTSM), a premier distributor of advertising content, delivers advertising video, radio, print and long-form digital content across North America. Rather than just another technology company, OTSM is a services company that leverages state-of-the-art, web-based solutions to simplify clients’ media delivery process.

When companies create new advertising campaigns, it can be difficult in today’s media landscape to decide the best way to connect with audiences and what medium to focus on.  With print, digital, linear TV, OTT and UGC sites, there are many options.  Finding an ad distribution partner who understands your market, can provide valuable metrics on the process and has a team that understands that every campaign is critical to the success and forward momentum of new products, brand awareness and connecting with new consumers.

“Caspian Hill Group (CHG) is proud to have OTSM join the Caspian Marketplace for providing the media industry with new innovative strategies for digital ad distribution and campaign management.” 

The executives at CHG recognize the need for a partner who specializes in Advertising Distribution, “They need a company that has a full service solution for all of the options available.  The ability to harness and connect with audio, video and even print audiences simultaneously.  A way to expand and find new younger consumers while still connecting with existing consumers. 

With audio programming growing in interest and video becoming more personalized with unlimited service options and growth, there are so many avenues for ad placement. Advertisers need a partner who can innovate quickly as campaigns need to shift to match this evolving landscape” said Amy Bolivar, Partner and Co-Founder of the Caspian Hill Group.

OTSM’s Managing Partner, Jim Celentano agrees stating, "I'm honored to be joining the prestigious list of members in the Caspian-Hill Marketplace. Looking forward to working with some of the most innovative companies in the advertising industry." 

Bolivar and Celentano are both excited by the growing value in the marketplace, with Bolivar concluding that “by partnering with CHG, OTSM clients will be able to harness innovation in media tech for their campaigns such as visual AI and context conversation triggering. The potential is limitless. On The Spot Media is that one stop for every spot to evolve. “


About Caspian Hill Group
The Caspian Hill Group (CHG) (
) works directly with new, existing and emerging technology companies looking to serve the advertising, marketing, music and media industries and re-imagine the possibilities of their intellectual property and products.  The Caspian Marketplace provides these companies with visibility into new industries and drives value for their business providing a direct outlet for strategic partnerships and investment, customized multi-vendor technology projects and an amplified presence for growth.  It is the first media tech marketplace of its kind where companies engage directly with inventors and founders of new innovative technologies and can customize and blend multiple software solutions and infrastructure providers in one simple unified workflow.  There are no black boxes.  There's just people, technology and a unified vision to help the media industry harness new tools and find new exciting tech to solve problems. Harness the tools, the team and the dream with the Caspian Marketplace.