On The Spot Media Celebrates 15 Years in the Advertising Delivery Business

September 14, 2020|News |By James Celentano

On The Spot Media (OTSM) is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as one of the leaders in ad-tech in the country. From the outset in 2005, company founders Victor Picciarelli, Jim Celentano and Doron Levi built OTSM on the foundation of customer service. From the physical delivery of tapes to today’s state-of-the-art technology that delivers HD, SD, print, radio and online ads at the speed of light, OTSM has stayed ahead of the curve of industry trends all while delivering over one million spots in 2020 alone.


“When I started in this business, you had to carry, drive, mail or fly tapes where they needed to go,” said Victor Picciarelli, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of OTSM. “Now all you need to do is push a button and you can deliver a 30 minute long-form spot in seconds. This has allowed us to expand our portfolio of offerings, while still maintaining strong trusting relationships with our customers. We are not cookie-cutter when it comes to our ability to customize our technology for each client. Each of our clients has their own flexible order management interfaces and the most APIs in the industry. Every client manager is briefed on every account and that is something we are very proud of and we believe sets us apart.”


What started as a one-client operation has grown into a multi-faceted business with technology offerings that include Descriptive Video Services (DVS), video ingestion and archiving, attribution analytics, voiceover and closed captioning, transcoding, tape-to-tape and tape-to-file compression and more.


“This business is as much about trust as it is about technology,” said Doron Levi, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of OTSM. “Our clients trust us with the proprietary information as well as the delivery and execution of their spots. We are proud of how our technological abilities have grown over time, but that is largely in part to us listening to our clients’ past, present and future needs.”


As one of the first ad-tech companies to deliver advertisements online, OTSM’s facility is completely secure with the highest level of security ratings. Moreover, the facility has been open throughout the COVID pandemic and continues to deliver ads and support clients’ needs during this uncertain time. With around-the-clock customer support and no after-hours fees, OTSM has been able to carve a solid place in the ad delivery space over the decade and a half.


“It is truly mind blowing to think about where we started to where we are now,” said Jim Celentano.  “The evolution of media and technology is beyond anything we could have dreamed, but luckily we have put a team in place that was prepared for the constant evolution of the tech, but also the key interpersonal and client management skills because we truly believe that great tech is only great if there are great people behind it.”