From The Bike Lane to The Fiber Line – The Ever-Changing World of Advertising Delivery

August 24, 2020|News |By Victor Picciarelli

An engineer once said, “when it comes to technology, the last thing you wanna do is be resistant to change, because that's when you get left behind.” I have a feeling that he might have been in the advertising business. 

As one of the founders of On the Spot Media (OTSM), we are not in the business of being left behind. We are an ad-technology company that prides itself on being the hidden secret of how television happens. Do people turn on their television and wonder how the commercial got to the screen? Probably not. Do they click on the Closed Captioning and wonder how the words got there? Not likely. But would they be concerned if they turned on their television and saw no programming? Absolutely.

In the late 1980s, I could be found peddling up and down Broadway on my bicycle delivering commercials on film reel the weight of 100 smart phones from an agency to a TV station and back again. Never did I think that the miles I put on my bike would turn into a technology operation so sophisticated that we would deliver one million HD, SD, long form, radio, print and web spots in thousands of available formats in 2020 alone. 

At OTSM, we have spent the last 15 years creating a service for our clients that allows them to customize their ad delivery needs. The idea that an agency can go into our customizable system, upload their file and get it to the station without ever physically holding, mailing or even peddling a tape was not something we could have imagined, but we were ready for it. As one of the first in the industry to deliver ads online, we have made it a point to always be ahead of the curve, anticipating the next best thing. Our technological capabilities go far beyond spot delivery with additional offerings that include Descriptive Video Service (DVS), video ingestion, subtitling, watermark encoding, post-production editing and more. 

Our clients have asked and we have listened. So while the programs you watch might not change from season-to-season, the technology needed most certainly does and at On The Spot Media, we are prepared. You know that 4K TV you’ve been eyeing? Whenever you see crystal-clear commercials on that screen, On The Spot Media likely delivered them there. We have been 4K ready for years. Our ability to constantly evolve has made us one of the most reliable in the industry, so rest assured no matter your advertising needs, we have the code, systems and even the wheels needed to get the job done right.