OTSM’s $80B Solution for 5G and Syndication

February 11, 2021|News |By Brad Nolan

75 Rounds of bidding and $80 Billion dollars later, still not many people know about one of the largest auctions to ever be held. The record breaking 5G spectrum auction has had bidders that include Verizon, Comcast, AT&T as well as Dish Network and Charter Communications.


This is all a part of an effort to make more space available on the C-Band of frequencies. in effect allocating more space for 5-G Ultra-Wide Band cellular providers. As reported by Barron’s, "The licenses up for grabs - in the so-called C-Band - cover about 280 megahertz of spectrum falling between 3.3 GHz and 4.2 GHz. That counts as a mid-band spectrum, which offers an attractive trade-off between connection speed and range. Higher-frequency signals allow for faster connectivity, but don't travel far from an antenna. Low-band spectrum has the opposite trade-off. It allows carriers to blanket a large geographic area with service from relatively low antennas, but without the lightning-fast speeds that 5G promises. Besides having very fast data transfer speeds on consumer cell phones, stations across the country have been reallocating resources and equipment from the sky to their servers. As with any changes new efficiencies and inefficiencies are discovered."


Opening up the C-Band also has a direct impact on the providers, and even equipment required previously to transmit the signals needed to display on our SD, HD & 4K devices. This impact is felt heaviest by those leveraging satellites for signal transmission, as it will effectively force those satellite providers to either raise costs or boot users directly or indirectly to other frequency bands. So, what is the solve to handle 5G and the resulting shift?


Do it the OTSM way, by leveraging file-based data transfers over TCP/IP connections that OTSM has championed, we continue to support the most cost-effective and sustained efficiencies in the market. 


The list of advantages our file-based transfer system has over satellite is vast but most importantly it provides a more dependable method of executing national and local insertions for the distribution of customized and integrated syndicated shows. The value enhancement for syndication is impressive alone, now allowing the numerous iterations to each be compiled into 30-minute deliverable files ready for air.


For the Super Bowl, the largest media event in the world that prides itself on iconic media advertisement, OTSM will be there with the TCP/IP technology, methods and strategies for advertisers to reach those +100M viewers. This is nothing new for On the Spot Media as they continue to lead innovation in media delivery and distribution. It will be fascinating to see how high the bidding goes and the coming impact it will have on OTT, but if there is ever a need in ad-tech or media distribution OTSM is the partner to have on your team.

Other TCP/IP Advantages over Satellite:
-       More Dependable, Faster and On Demand
-       Customizable File Format
-       National and local insertion
-       Closed captioning

-       Customized Delivery Solutions