Pure Digital Pricing

Stop paying for after-hours premiums. With On The Spot Media there are no rush fees, no after-hours premiums, no cut-off-times. Standard online delivery is 4hrs—whether it's 2pm or 2am.

Check what you paid last year in after-hours premiums. Now put your wallet away.

Ad delivery cost has dropped dramatically in the past few years, particularly for HD. On The Spot Media offers pure digital pricing and standard 4-hour digital delivery.

Pure digital pricing

We're amazed every day that many advertisers are still paying legacy prices and surcharges from the days of overnight tape delivery. (Since then, the cost of delivering an HD spot has dropped by 75%!).

The elimination of late night after-hours surcharges can translate into substantial savings for your business.

Just like in the wireless phone industry, the playing field for ad distributions services is level—everybody has about the sam distribution footprint, similar technology, and similiar capabilities. Competition is about cost and service. At On The Spot Media, you get the best pricing and support, even if you're not a huge company. The brands and agencies that come to us typically care deeply about personalized services, are highly price sensitive, and want to have a voice.

If no one tells you you're paying too much, how would you know?

With our free distribution analysis we can tell you exactly how much you would save with On The Spot Media's pure digital pricing.

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