OnLift: Understand the impact of your media investment

OTSM Lift Analytics solves the challenge of understanding and measuring the impact of TV advertising on web activity.

Now you can observe the lift created by any ad, in any U.S. market, at a fundamental level. Right down to each unique web user!

Gain the insights and details to optimize decision making.

As a marketer, you understand that traditional broadcast and cable advertising is about more than just eyeballs. Smart investment in a TV ad strategy necessitates the ability to measure not only viewer numbers, but the impact felt on the web when your ad hits the airwaves.

Dig deep into each website visit.

Our pioneering new tool lets advertisers measure the effectiveness of a traditional broadcast or cable ad spot in a given market, and drive an increase in associated product or brand web activity.

Unique Visitor Data

Household Income

Household Size

Device Used

+ More

See The Big Picture

For any ad event, you get a "Big Picture" view of the lift impact in graphic form. Or you can dig deeper into every website hit. OTSM Lift Analytic even correlates the time and place of the media buy with each unique web visitor's data, such as household income, household size, and device used.

Develop Effective Strategies

Broadcast and cable TV advertising is far too expensive for missteps with ineffective ads. With OTSM Lift Analytic you'll gain the performance insights needed to make more prudent marketing investments.

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