CTV and OTT Distribution Solutions

OTSM's OnConnect

OnConnect offers CTV destinations and OTT providers the ability to streamline distribution & reception of data files. OTSM suite of technology has the ability to simplify any workflow saving you time by providing the latest software that transcodes and conforms to each specification for a fast, complete delivery.

  • Advertisers know their ads are being aired with broadcast quality, in a single file every time!
  • OTT platforms do not need to worry about conformation to destinations
  • CTV providers do not need to worry about OTT platforms unique workflows

Programmatic Agencies

  • + Complete file conversion
  • + Global Access

AVOD Streaming Platforms

  • + Single Delivery Stream
  • + Consistent file quality

CTV Providers

  • + Single Delivery Stream
  • + Consistent file quality

Benefits of OnConnect Software

  • + Consistent high quality files
  • + No need to transcode
  • + No more 4:3 stretch
  • + Consistent full screen files
  • + Broadcast Quality
  • + Single ingest stream

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