Long-Form Media and Paid Programming Solution


Capitalize on the growth and demand of long-form content.

What is Long-Form Video?

Long Form Video is a descriptive term for a type of video content that has a content arc with a beginning, middle, and end which in its entirety typically lasts longer than 5 minutes. If the content is ad supported, it typically contains breaks, mid-roll.

Needs and Requirements for Long-Form Media Distribution

Correct Format on First Delivery

Speed of Internet Protocol

Advanced Delivery to Network

Customer Service for Quality Assurance

OTSM's Growth and Success in Long-Form

Given consistent month-over-month growth in the use of long-form since 2020, we have already surpassed the amount of content from all of last year. OTSM offers the highest quality systems, faster than anyone else, so you can be part of this success.

OTSM's Innovative Process

OTSM's ad delivery protocols, efficient use of bandwidth and proprietary servers are faster than other delivery methods, levaraging IP to include satellite and dedicated fiber to capitalize on the growing demand.

The Increase in Demand

Due to COVID-19 shutting down the majority of productions in 2020, there is limited supply of original content. To fill the air-space, networks are turning to long-form content to reduce the amount of re-runs needed while reaping the benefits of revenue share agreements.

The OTSM Difference: Quality Service

Dedicated focus on the needs and goals of the brands & agencies, conformed to network requirements, allows us to have immediate response, to changing situations maintaining the best quality content and delivery.

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