On The Spot Media now offers, through an exclusive partnership with industry leader Millenia 3, Airplay Verification services.

Leveraging an industry-leading Digital Watermarking technology and proprietary Airplay Verification process, details of your commercial, such as where and when it aired, can be instantly recorded.


- Each commercial is watermarked using two different tracking methods to assure accuracy during the customization process.

- If a commercial doesn’t air or airs improperly, such as in the wrong programming block or as the wrong version, you’ll know, so the issue can be fixed while the campaign is in-flight , when it is most critical.

- If there is a problem, we will alert you and recommend solutions or, if we can, we’ll fix the issue ourselves.

With On The Spot Media Airplay Verification, you can now feel confident that the quality of your spot will be perfect, your spot and traffic instructions will arrive at the correct destination on-time, and your spot will air exactly as dictated in your traffic instructions.

To learn more about On The Spot Media Airplay verification services, please call Dennis O'hara, Vice President of Sales, at 855.855.OTSM or call Jacki Berger, Vice President of Client Engagement at 855.855.OTSM.